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Glen Lee Roberts avatarPlease show your moral support for Mr. Glen Lee Roberts and his decision to explore life as a stateless personTip: Glen Lee Roberts :: Stateless
Highest Tip: 510,000 Satoshi

I was born in the U.S. and lived there for the first 40 years of my life. On June 21, 2013 I entered the U.S. as an American Citizen, and left a short time later stateless, without any citizenship at all!

Please show your moral support for Mr. Glen Lee Roberts and his decision to explore life as a stateless person
Born in the USA, Mr. Glen Lee Roberts, a citizen by virtue of birth, rejected the United States and went on a search for internal peace. A unique journey that became deeply profound and has taken him down a path few think is even possible, much less would consider taking. He moved to Latin America at age 40, and at age 51, renounced his US citizenship to become deliberately stateless (legally ...
Safet avatarHow to spend your lightning payments a step by step guide with pictures.Tip: Safet :: Bitcoin Maximalist
Average Tip: 34,244 Satoshi

Why would you want to play with fire when you can test out lighting?
Save 20%

How to spend your lightning payments a step by step guide with pictures.
1. Click , you will need to enter a valid email address as this is where you will receive your voucher code. (Phone vouchers will be sent to the Phone number provided when making a payment.)2. Once the account has been created you will be logged in ...
 Tip: TwitPost ES
Techno Geek avatarTip: Techno Geek :: Chicago
Highest Tip: 1,000, Average Tip: 409 Satoshi

Once a geek, always a geek! There is nothing better than the geekish life! They got that saying wrong, "the meek will inherit the earth". They meant, "the geeks will inherit the earth".

BTC Harvest Admin avatarTip: BTC Harvest Admin :: Work is fun
Highest Tip: 24,500, Average Tip: 3,810 Satoshi

Overseeing everything on the bitsoapbox collection of sites, ensuring everything goes smoothly!

Cranky Hank avatarTip: Cranky Hank
My name is Hank. I am one of the most cranky people you'll meet! So, you can call me Cranky Hank.

You have to choose
What will be served at a big fancy dinner you are planning for rich snobs: A. Prime rib B. The Prime Minister
Rabbit Face avatarTip: Rabbit Face :: Stupid Simpleton
Highest Tip: 29,000, Average Tip: 4,510 Satoshi

I am Rabbit Face. I am the definition of insanity or maybe I am the definition of stupid!
You must decide. Either way, if you don't like crazy humor, absurd critiques and a cynical attitude, you'll never like me.

The quest for a better mouse trap
Mankind never stops trying to devise a better mouse trap. Not long ago I had a brilliant idea. A double action trap. Catch the mouse and kill it. As well as eliminating any germs for a quick safe solution my mouse problem. I setup a propane torch that activated when the mouse entered. I use an electronic ignition and timer. My tests worked great. The first night I used it for real was ...
Dee Dan avatarTip: Dee Dan :: Libertas Veritas Aequitas
Highest Tip: 50,000, Average Tip: 1,006 Satoshi

iOS Developer ~ Swift
Contact me for your iOS apps. You can send a DM

Catman avatarTip: Catman :: Life is Beautiful.....
Highest Tip: 36,313, Average Tip: 3,254 Satoshi

Ye Olde DecentralisTip: Ye Olde Decentralis'd Shoppe :: OB shop with an eclectic selection of goodies
Please check out my openbazaar shop, where you could find just about anything. Some items are new, some are second hand... but always as described and with the best service! Happy shopping! LN BTC accepted for many items. Store ID QmUtipPm4mrAmBiNyMmXxjRHmXBkneRU35TiZieuNixFu2

If you love BTC and decentralisation you should check out openbazaar
If you haven't heard of openbazaar, it's a decentralised online market place. Imagine something similar to amazon or ebay, but with no middlemen, no fees, censorship or central point of failure, and where one can only pay in crypto!When I first ...
Hot Babe avatarTip: Hot Babe :: Girl of your Dreams
I am just a dumb chat bot (or so everyone thinks). But I am really sexy!

Robinephy avatarTip: Robinephy :: Hard and diligent work pay
I am a very courageous person, but also someone who treads carefully so that I don't hurt anyone and get burnt in the process too.

I Urge You To Use The Lightning Network Today
I guess you must have been seeing various updates on the Bitsoapbox site concerning the lightning network and tester, and you have felt very reluctant to try it out to see the 'magic'. Do you know that you have been missing out big time on this new ...
Eyezzzzzzzz avatarTip: Eyezzzzzzzz
Blain007 avatarTip: Blain007 :: I Love Everything I Do To Always Make Sense.
DaveChappelle avatarTip: DaveChappelle :: Greetings Crypto kids
Highest Tip: 100,000, Average Tip: 5,288 Satoshi

Greeting Crypo friends
Hi Bitsoapbox community!My Name is Dave and I have joined this wonderful community to spread laughter, fun, links and maybe even earn some tips in the process.This lightning thing sure looks swell, let's stay free of financial oppression and spread ...
 Tip: Septem151
Lightning Directory avatarTip: Lightning Directory :: The Best Lightning Websites
Highest Tip: 1,000, Average Tip: 667 Satoshi

 Tip: JK0610
Highest Tip: 500, Average Tip: 421 Satoshi

 Tip: pseudozach
Crypto Directory avatarTip: Crypto Directory :: All the best Crypto Currency related websites
Highest Tip: 500, Average Tip: 500 Satoshi

 Tip: Free PDFs
 Tip: Public Domain PDFs
Blain avatarTip: Blain
safetony avatarTip: safetony :: Security and safety
Highest Tip: 16,000 Satoshi

Save 20%

 Tip: SmartBlubber
Old Futzamuck avatarTip: Old Futzamuck :: Fuddite
Meow avatarTrying to let go of external validationTip: Meow :: The Risk Taker
Trying to let go of external validation
It is known that Filipinos are dark-haired mostly black, shiny straight hair. When I was younger, I have been a source of ridicule and teased as a witch because of my unruly curly hair before (but I've already learned how to manage it now. Haha!). ...
 Tip: stork68
Highest Tip: 125,000, Average Tip: 5,856 Satoshi

 Tip: psi dexter
radamat avatarTip: radamat
Eyezzz avatarTip: Eyezzz :: Born to win
Hot baby avatarTip: Hot baby :: I love everything I do to always make sense.
Papa Desserts avatarTip: Papa Desserts :: Hope is for the Hopeless
Average Tip: 282 Satoshi

Triggering snowflakes avatarTip: Triggering snowflakes :: Got my haters sick, step your life up
Time to throw the cat amongst the pigeons.

ama avatarTip: ama
Highest Tip: 5,000, Average Tip: 1,056 Satoshi

kiboyo avatarTip: kiboyo
Highest Tip: 505, Average Tip: 502 Satoshi

 Tip: AGB :: Dubai
Highest Tip: 10,000, Average Tip: 7,500 Satoshi

 Tip: Crispin Basilio :: Bundok Susong Dalaga
Rodent avatarTip: Rodent :: I'm gonna eat your Pizza
Highest Tip: 500,000, Average Tip: 59,647 Satoshi

 Tip: Aalbers
Highest Tip: 500, Average Tip: 500 Satoshi

 Tip: Alcyone :: Six days to Sunday...
Highest Tip: 500, Average Tip: 500 Satoshi

hodlnutt avatarTip: hodlnutt :: hodler
Highest Tip: 555, Average Tip: 518 Satoshi

BTC Maximalist!! aka cryptonutt

 Tip: Indolight
 Tip: Budbits
userx21 avatarTip: userx21
 Tip: IJOBA NNNNN :: We live to serve others
Average Tip: 17 Satoshi

Never say no for a yes.

TestyMonkey avatarTip: TestyMonkey
Highest Tip: 45, Average Tip: 11 Satoshi

Absurdnymous avatarTip: Absurdnymous :: Absurdity is needed in life
nena66 avatarTip: nena66 :: never surrender
Rambo (300) avatarTip: Rambo (300) :: Smile it is only a game
Never take anything too seriously, always try to help others and share a positive experience!

 Tip: Marine (140076)
 Tip: zlaja32
Average Tip: 9 Satoshi

Straight Man avatarTip: Straight Man :: Shape up or ship out, the straight jacket is
Veerus (104571) avatarTip: Veerus (104571) :: Positive. Negative.
Q Tip: Q 'n A :: I just ask the questions
Highest Tip: 45, Average Tip: 27 Satoshi

Mr Bogus avatarTip: Mr Bogus
 Tip: sevy
Highest Tip: 500, Average Tip: 500 Satoshi

 Tip: LucaB
Cladex avatarTip: Cladex :: If God be for me, who can be against me

Abbah avatarTip: Abbah
Highest Tip: 45, Average Tip: 45 Satoshi

Spon(777) avatarTip: Spon(777)
Highest Tip: 5,000, Average Tip: 590 Satoshi

I enjoy life, every day

 Tip: CASPER (45124)
 Tip: Spon555 (7231)
Ewaphemmy4u avatarTip: Ewaphemmy4u :: Quitters Don't Win. Winners Don't Quit Either
Highest Tip: 45, Average Tip: 45 Satoshi

Hase avatarTip: Hase
Djora BG avatarTip: Djora BG
Highest Tip: 1, Average Tip: 1 Satoshi

Each of us should have a high opinion of ourselves, therefore success is very close, so believe in yourself and your abilities

 Tip: Guchi
Highest Tip: 50 Satoshi

 Tip: Big Man :: Legit hustle pays
John Doe 14 avatarTip: John Doe 14
Crown (147510) avatarTip: Crown (147510)
Highest Tip: 45, Average Tip: 45 Satoshi

Cloud9n avatarTip: Cloud9n :: Live and let live
Highest Tip: 1, Average Tip: 1 Satoshi

I am new into the crypto world, I love learning about new technologies and meeting people. If you ever need someone, I will be here waiting.

 Tip: Rebj :: Awesome
Highest Tip: 45, Average Tip: 45 Satoshi

Wonderful singer, excellent guhtarist, vocal coach, guitar instructor, music publisher,graphics designer.

Saint01 avatarTip: Saint01
Average Tip: 30 Satoshi

Stainless avatarTip: Stainless
Highest Tip: 45, Average Tip: 23 Satoshi

Okay with myself

chinonso avatarTip: chinonso :: Noniboy.

Boogyman7 (137565) avatarTip: Boogyman7 (137565)
Highest Tip: 45, Average Tip: 45 Satoshi

 Tip: cristophercriglereeu64
Highest Tip: 1,000, Average Tip: 1,000 Satoshi

Afroflyboy99 avatarTip: Afroflyboy99 :: https lntip.me Flyboys99
Highest Tip: 4, Average Tip: 4 Satoshi


Teebrainz avatarTip: Teebrainz :: This life, I lead
Peter pan avatarTip: Peter pan :: The slayer of cyberbullies and terrorists.
 Tip: YJ7
Highest Tip: 45 Satoshi

 Tip: TwitPost
miezie88 avatarTip: miezie88
 Tip: romelraisul
padam lal timsina avatarTip: padam lal timsina
Curious One avatarTip: Curious One :: Did curiosity kill the cat
 Tip: Spam bait :: Floris
Popay (21205) avatarTip: Popay (21205) :: for a better life
nensika avatarTip: nensika :: Im love forum
 Tip: Olivety :: For a better life
Olivety (141) avatarTip: Olivety (141) :: For a better life
 Tip: Popay :: for a better life
 Tip: Weazeapoko
Victim Crypto avatarTip: Victim Crypto
 Tip: krackerbush
 Tip: LemaKrone
 Tip: EVIE (74144)
 Tip: worker1
Emirek Rebirth avatarTip: Emirek Rebirth :: HACKdHACKER
Mang Erlan avatarTip: Mang Erlan :: MGR
Happy earning..

 Tip: rickidirick
 Tip: Daddyj2
 Tip: loui6x
Karansudhi avatarTip: Karansudhi :: Bitcoin Miner
I am here to earn some crypto . Please help ��

 Tip: Kambis (130201)
Incredible avatarTip: Incredible :: Agent Z
Jovial and Easy Going
Core Madrid fan

 Tip: D El's
Ox Foxzzy avatarTip: Ox Foxzzy
We learn something from prosperity, but we learn many more from adversity!

 Tip: Abzeeno
Shaiban avatarTip: Shaiban
God is Great

Bestman avatarTip: Bestman :: The king lives forever
Ceebreezy avatarTip: Ceebreezy :: Feelings
 Tip: Saif121
Eddiemallo (175342) avatarTip: Eddiemallo (175342)
massmailservers avatarTip: massmailservers :: Email Marketing services Provider
The best b2b email marketing service for 2021, increasing sales volume...

 Tip: Jidex (134244)
 Tip: Emmyblaq (160305)
 Tip: farzad askari
 Tip: Alexander (156423)
 Tip: jack64
Talent (46037) avatarTip: Talent (46037) :: Creativity pays x270d xfe0f
 Tip: bvkyby195
 Tip: Blessed19
eaunde avatarTip: eaunde
jameswillan avatarTip: jameswillan :: Multisoft MLM
Robert Proctor is a veteran of the MLM and Direct Selling industry, he started as the CIO of Multisoft in 2005, he soon became President at MultiSoft

 Tip: nuni
Fun Cushions avatarTip: Fun Cushions :: Personalised cushions
Personalised Cushions, Bespoke Cushions, Tailor Made Cushions, birthday cushions, wedding present cushions, UK

 Tip: Makef22
 Tip: Esam23
Pres11 avatarTip: Pres11
 Tip: Elly jay
 Tip: The Rebirth
 Tip: Rich (134504)
 Tip: Blaq (134721)

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