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I am Rabbit Face. I am the definition of insanity or maybe I am the definition of stupid!
You must decide. Either way, if you don't like crazy humor, absurd critiques and a cynical attitude, you'll never like me.

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The quest for a better mouse trap

Mankind never stops trying to devise a better mouse trap. Not long ago I had a brilliant idea.

A double action trap. Catch the mouse and kill it. As well as eliminating any germs for a quick safe solution my mouse problem.

I setup a propane torch that activated when the mouse entered. I use an electronic ignition and timer. My tests worked great.

The first night I used it for real was slightly disappointing however. I went to bed with dreams of waking up to a box full of mouse ash in the morning.

Instead I was rousted from bed about 3 from the sounds of fire engines and their sirens. As I stumbled out of bed the firemen were smashing down my door.

They hauled me outside as I tried to cover my private parts, I looked back to see my house completely engulfed I flames.

When I returned later in the day was house was just a pile of ash. It wouldn't have been disappointing if I had been able to see if my trap actually worked. But everything was too far gone.

Maybe next time.

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