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Second Place
Third Place
Today--3,000 Satoshi--1,500 Satoshi--150 Satoshi
12/25/2021radamat3,000 SatoshiRobinephy1,500 Satoshinena66150 Satoshi
12/24/2021Big Man3,000 Satoshi4Tresor1,500 SatoshiDusan bgd150 Satoshi
12/23/2021D El's3,000 Satoshizlaja321,500 Satoshilinsa150 Satoshi
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A daily giveaway* of Satoshi in the Lightning Network:* prizes are deposited in your Lightning Account and can be spent on the Lightning Network immediately.
** Tip User qualification exlcudes yourself, individual tips under 500 Satoshi, and any user you've tipped within the past two weeks.
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