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This page is designed to allow our users to receive tips via the Lightning Network. We consider tips to be a voluntary donation. We cannot vouch for any claims our users make, nor should you expect anything in return.

For more information read the forum post below:

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Twitter: saddamhussein

How to spend your lightning payments a step by step guide with pictures.

How to spend your lightning payments a step by step guide with pictures.


1. Click Create account - Bitrefill, you will need to enter a valid email address as this is where you will receive your voucher code. (Phone vouchers will be sent to the Phone number provided when making a payment.)

2. Once the account has been created you will be logged in straight away, you don't need to enter a phone number and you can use the box to search for your country.

3. Browse the page and find a product that you wish to purchase, depending on your country you will see a variety of options such as food, travel and e-commerce vouchers.

4. Once you have selected your product you will then need to select amount for example $5 for the payment method you will need to choose Lightning (BTC)

5. As soon as Lightning (BTC) has been selected as the payment method it will generate an invoice which you will then copy.

6. Head back to bitsoapbox on the main menu you should see lightning tester, click this.

7. Paste the invoice into the "Lighting invoice to pay" box clicking review.

8. A review box will open carefully check through everything once you are sure click pay invoice.

9. Waiting time is usually lightning fast so don't be surprised if your phone vibrates seconds after you have paid!

10. Feel free to contact me if you run into any problems.

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