Ye Olde Decentralis'd Shoppe :: OB shop with an eclectic selection of goodies
Ye Olde Decentralis
Ye Olde Decentralis'd Shoppe :: OB shop with an eclectic selection of goodies
Please check out my openbazaar shop, where you could find just about anything. Some items are new, some are second hand... but always as described and with the best service! Happy shopping! LN BTC accepted for many items. Store ID QmUtipPm4mrAmBiNyMmXxjRHmXBkneRU35TiZieuNixFu2

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If you love BTC and decentralisation you should check out openbazaar

If you haven't heard of openbazaar, it's a decentralised online market place. Imagine something similar to amazon or ebay, but with no middlemen, no fees, censorship or central point of failure, and where one can only pay in crypto!

When I first visited the openbazaar website (OpenBazaar), I remember reading somewhere something along the lines of "you can set up a store in minutes", which I must say at the time I viewed with scepticism! However, I decided to give it a go, and it really is true. It's incredibly quick and easy; so much so that even my mum could manage it!

I've had my store up and running for months now and would love to see more activity on openbazaar. It is one my favourite apps built on Bitcoin, because it allows anyone with internet and a computer to potentially earn Bitcoin by selling their products or services, regardless of their location, and even if they are not tech literate or have never used Bitcoin before, or have no access to a bank account or Bitcoin ATM. It seems to me that this is really one of the important use cases that Satoshi had in mind when he/she/they dreamt up this groundbreaking technology.

So regardless of whether you have something to sell, or want to do so some shopping, I recommend you check out openbazaar. Setting up a store or buying on the platform is really intuitive and there is even a video tutorial on their website.

If you don't want to jump in just yet, you can browse what's available at OpenBazaar

I also invite you to check out my shop here ⚡ Ye Olde Decentralis'd Shoppe ⚡ - Store - OpenBazaar or ob://QmUtipPm4mrAmBiNyMmXxjRHmXBkneRU35TiZieuNixFu2/store if you have downloaded the openbazaar client. By the way I also accept lightning payments for many items, even though it's not supported by the platform as yet...

Thanks for reading, and let me know if you have any comments or suggestions!

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