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Robinephy :: Hard and diligent work pay
I am a very courageous person, but also someone who treads carefully so that I don't hurt anyone and get burnt in the process too.

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1 - 800,000 Satoshi

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I Urge You To Use The Lightning Network Today

I guess you must have been seeing various updates on the Bitsoapbox site concerning the lightning network and tester, and you have felt very reluctant to try it out to see the 'magic'. Do you know that you have been missing out big time on this new development that the crypto world has brought to you? I tell you, you can make purchases Online with the lightning network with the speed of light with just little fee as low as 1 satoshi or even less. I have tried it out that's why I am giving this testimony today. And thanks to @Glen Lee Roberts and @Safet for all the guidance. Imagine a world where you purchase virtually everything with the lightning network without converting your cryptocurrency to fiat, isn't that what we crypto enthusiast have been clamoring for? Cheers and happy lightning bolt!

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